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Insomnia is a late night raiding guild on the bladefist us server. Raids start between 6 and 9pm server time Tuesday - Friday as well as various guild events other nights. A tentative weekly schedule is posted below. Members check forums for raid info and tactics.

Current raiding schedule (this is subject to change slightly week to week)

Tues - 2 10 man Ulduars

Wed - 2 10 man ulduars continued

Thurs - OS followed by NAXX 25

Fri - 25 man Ulduar

Sat-Sun -  THird Ulduar 10 man and possible guild events or extra raid night if new boss possibility

Mon - Farming and Heroics or extra raid night

Attitude is everything, fights can be taught, strats can be learned, skill can be improved, but if your a jerk...your a jerk.

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